Generalized Anxiety Disorder Self Help with EFT

by Vlasta Kuster

If you are looking for Generalized Anxiety Disorder self help you can try with EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. It can help you at once and on the spot, and with the help of an experienced EFT therapist the generalized anxiety can be resolved forever.

1. Use EFT to Facilitate Generalized Anxiety at once

More and more people suffer from a generalized anxiety.

The help they can get from a doctor are sometimes vitamins, advice to more exercise or prescribed antidepressants.

None of these things can overcome generalized anxiety. Vitamins and exercise do help to improve well-being, but anxiety does not disappear.

Antidepressants facilitate generalized anxiety, but they do not eliminate the real cause.

When a person stops taking antidepressants, almost all the symptoms of generalized anxiety usually return after a few weeks or months. I

t is for these reasons it is suggested you learn EFT, which, in return, removes the generalized anxiety disorder extremely effectively.

2. Identify your feelings and use tapping in order to help yourself with generalized anxiety disorder

The eight tapping EFT points that you tap on if your diagnosis is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

Tapping when using it for generalized anxiety self help usually helps within a few minutes.

It is easy to use, and you can do it anywhere and at anytime - just withdraw from other people, and you can tap.

Therefore, I suggest you

  • learn to recognize your feelings, and as soon as you sense restlessness, fear, a rapid heartbeat,
  • or that your hands are sweating, withdraw as soon as possible and start tapping.

Within minutes, you should reduce your body reactions, as tapping soothes directly that part of the brain that is responsible for the stress response of the body.

3. Systematically relieve your body

Generalized anxiety appears due to the fact that stress has accumulated in your body.

To put it simply, this means that you have experienced many unpleasant events in your life that have caused particular consequences in you. Up till now, everything has accumulated too such an extent that your body can no longer function normally.

In order to permanently solve the generalized anxiety, the body needs to be relieved systematically. With the help of EFT, it is necessary to "delete" your unpleasant feelings from all unpleasant memories.

When we do this, only the memory is left, and you will remain calm at the thought of the past event.

After just a few days, you will feel that the generalized anxiety has diminished considerably.

4. If generalized anxiety disorder self help with EFT doesn't work for you then you might seek help from an experienced EFT therapist

EFT is usually efficient even when used by a beginner. But the results are not permanent and the discomfort is coming back soon.

The help of an experienced EFT therapist will help you get permanent results. Therapist will help you find those key events in your life that have contributed significantly to the formation of a generalized anxiety disorder. (S)He will help you to "process" even the painful memories, and will gently and safely guide you to your experience of lasting relief.
Take your life into your own hands and visit EFT therapy – ease your generalized anxiety and enjoy the luxury of an emotional freedom that EFT therapy brings!

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Vlasta Kuster, holds an MA degree in Basic Medical Sciences and uses her 3-month EFT therapy in her work to help people to do away with panic attacks and anxiety for good. She has more than 10-year experiences in EFT therapy and achieves at least 90% success in permanently eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. You may contact her through her website