What does EFT mean?

by Vlasta Kuster

So what does EFT really mean ?

EFT stands for (E)motional (F)reedom (T)echnique.

Emotional Freedom Technique. was invented by engineer Gary Craig, who first introduced it in 1995 and from then on saw it spread rapidly throughout the world.

Since then it has been studied internationally, with results being published in more than 100 scientific articles and technical journals.

This research has statistically proven the effectiveness of EFT in the following areas:

  • various phobias,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder),
  • psychological preparation for athletes,
  • pain and other somatic symptoms,
  • weight loss,
  • and various forms of addiction.

EFT has also made its way into institutions and organizations such as kindergartens, schools and hospitals

Every day EFT is used with millions of people as a simple tool for reducing the intensity of negative emotions — in other words, to help people achieve emotional freedom.

The term emotional freedom means that negative feelings and beliefs neither control nor guide our live...

...and only those who have achieved it can really take advantage of life’s opportunities and pursue their goals.

EFT therapy provides us with the possibility of taking control of our emotional world. Since emotions constitute such a large part of the human experience, EFT therapy allows us to improve our quality of life in numerous areas.

Negative Emotions Are Blockages in the Body’s Energy System...

EFT is based on the recognition that the cause of every negative emotion is an imbalance or blockage in the body’s energy system.

... so what does EFT mean for you ?

Tapping allows you to unburden yourself of negative thoughts and feelings.

Figure : Tapping allows you to unburden yourself of negative thoughts and feelings.

Everyone carries both positive and negative feelings within them and just as the positive ones enhance our experience of life, so negative feelings hamper it when they become too strong.

Negative emotions thus inhabit the body in the form of energy. They are not material, so we cannot physically touch them.

We can only feel them, wherever they happen to turn up within the body and we can access them only via the body’s energy points.

Through the use of tapping on these energy points, you can lessen the feeling of emotional and somatic discomfort.

You do this by tapping with two or three fingers along the energy points of the face and upper-body while concentrating on any negative feelings that are present at that moment.

This results in a reduction in the intensity of these feelings, as well as in any perceived physical stress.

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Vlasta Kuster, holds an MA degree in Basic Medical Sciences and uses her 3-month EFT therapy in her work to help people to do away with panic attacks and anxiety for good. She has more than 10-year experiences in EFT therapy and achieves at least 90% success in permanently eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. You may contact her through her website freeofpanic.com