2 Best Natural Anxiety Meds That Don’t Cost a Penny

by Vlasta Kuster

At least 2 natural anxiety meds exist that should be used each day if you suffer from anxiety.

Well, they should be used even when anxiety is not really present.

Why ?

Because these two medicines can work wonders on Your relashionship.

They work on every person.

They work regardless of age and sex.

They don’t have any side-effects.

Best of all …

...they don’t cost a penny.

Before I let you know what I'm talking about...

...I’d like to tell You the story.

...the story of a 22-year-old woman, who I met a few years ago and who was suffering greatly...

...due to the behavior of her slightly older partner.

He loved her and helped her with her studies, and they got along well, but he also liked to spend time with his friends, and as a result his absence hurt her tremendously.

One day he sent her a message saying he intended to spend the weekend with his friends, one of whom was celebrating his birthday.

She, on the other hand, had hoped the two of them would spend the weekend together.

When she read his message, she burst into tears.

She felt lonely, abandoned, unloved and double-crossed.

The news arouses hidden feelings within the young woman left over from emotional wounds suffered in childhood.

A young woman feels lonely, abandoned and unloved when her partner tells her he wants to spend the weekend with friends..The news arouses hidden feelings within her left over from emotional wounds suffered in childhood.

She had two options:

1) She could argue with and attack him, saying that it was his fault that she felt sad and abandoned — precisely what most people would do in this situation.


2) She could recognize that these were her emotions and that it was her responsibility to work through them herself first and only after calming down she should then tell her partner how she felt and what she wanted.

I was with her in her worst moments and helped her turn her attention within instead of towards her partner.

I asked her when she felt alone and abandoned as a child. She immediately saw herself as a three-year-old girl, feeling abandoned and wanting her parents to spend more time with her.

She wept as the memory came back to her in detail.

Even her body contracted.

The feelings of that neglected little girl became mixed up with the emotions of the adult woman at her partner’s absence.

How easy it would have been to pressure him to spend the weekend with her, and how hard it was to stay with that childhood memory and cry that child’s pain out!

Yet this is the only way to maintain quality relationships with others.

We simply have to accept our own feelings, work through them, and then calmly and clearly say sentences to the other person that begin as follows:

  • I feel...
  • I want...

The decision as to what the other person does at the point is left to them. It is far easier to put someone under pressure and say to them: ‘

‘You need to change so that I can feel better. You’re to blame for the way I feel, so you need to do this and this…’’.

Much of our personal and spiritual maturity level is revealed precisely in our willingness to accept responsibility for our own emotions without also becoming responsible for those of other people.

As the young woman cried over her painful sense of abandonment as a little girl, another emotional wound of hers opened up.

Her father had never genuinely accepted her.

He had always wanted to have a son, and she sobbed and shook as the feeling of his never having really loved her returned.

As she wept, she performed the anxiety tapping procedure.

As she was weeping, her feeling of abandonment was cleansed from her system, and with it the core belief it had fathered: I am all alone and unloved.

Once she had released the painful feelings from childhood, the feeling of being isolated and neglected disappeared along with them, and she began to look at what happened with her partner in a different way.

She no longer felt like a lonely and helpless three-year-old who longed for love, and so she was able to look at her partner more objectively and understand him more than she had.

She was able to approach him in a loving way, without trying to force him to give her time and attention. She calmly told him that she wanted to spend the weekend with him, and in the end he granted that wish.

Considering how deep her emotional wounds are and the fact that her feelings of abandonment had continued throughout her entire childhood, it will take quite a few tears to get all that pain out of her body.

However, each time she lets a little of it go, her heart will be that much more willing to love, and to give her partner the freedom he needs, without putting him under pressure. As painful as it is, this is the essence of spiritual growth.

A healthy relationship based on love and respect.

Whenever we honestly confront and work through the feelings that come up in our partner relationships without blaming our partner for them, we are in a position to build a healthy relationship based on love and respect.

"The best natural anxiety medicines are positive emotions like joy and love"

Having positive emotions is our natural state once we remove negative feelings and beliefs from our mind. This is why positive emotions like joy and love are the best natural anxiety meds.

In this state, we are connected to our inner being.

We experience this when the mind is still and our thinking quiets down.

When we simply are, we are living the present moment.

Most importantly, we do not flee with our thoughts into future concerns or past pain.

For most people, such a gap without thoughts is rare and happens only under special conditions, such as

  • when we experience the beauty of nature
  • or participate in an activity that requires total concentration, such as adrenaline sports.

The Positive Effects of Natural Anxiety Medications Within You

The easiest way to experience deep peace and happiness is through meditation.

It is during this time that we are completely alone with ourselves and can get in touch with our true nature and feel love, joy and inner peace.

It is necessary to leave the external world for a while and turn to our inner world.

However, before we can give ourselves over to pleasant feelings, we must first feel the negative emotions, become fully aware of them, and release them.

This is the way out of the trap of negativity.

Guess what?

  • The less negativity there is within us, the more love we discover is there.

  • The less we are preoccupied with ourselves and our pain, the easier it is to connect with the people around us.

  • The less we worry about what others think about us, the more efficient and productive we can be at work.

  • The less we feel abandoned and unloved, the better our partner relationships will be.

  • The less ‘‘not good enough’’ we feel, the less jealous we will be.

  • The more we trust ourselves, the more we become creative.

  • The more we believe in our own worthiness, the more we can earn.

  • The more we are able to stand up for ourselves, the more professional responsibility we can assume.

  • The more love there is in us, the greater our spiritual connection will be to everything that is.

It is that simple.

The idea truly is simple — and so very important.

To make that idea a reality in our lives requires a firm decision, commitment, and effort.

Accept Life as It is

We have to begin to accept life as it is, and realize that we are not here just to have a nice time, but also to overcome the difficult times and learn to live each day in and with more love.

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Vlasta Kuster, holds an MA degree in Basic Medical Sciences and uses her 3-month EFT therapy in her work to help people to do away with panic attacks and anxiety for good. She has more than 10-year experiences in EFT therapy and achieves at least 90% success in permanently eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. You may contact her through her website freeofpanic.com