How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks Without any Special Medication

Panic attacks can completely paralyze our lives if we do not address them in the right way. In order to get rid of panic attacks for good you should find and eliminate the real cause of them, however they also be partly controlled by medication, and to a certain extent by the help of psychotherapy.

Panic attack is not a threat to your life.

1. Identify the panic attack

More and more people are experiencing panic attacks.

And each of them gets frightened, because it is a completely new experience to them. In an attack of panic, people experience a kind of horror, powerful fear, many of them fear that they will die.

They have a strong heartbeat and feel they have no control over their bodies. Vertigo, sickness, severe sweating of the body, tingling on the body may also occur. It is also unpleasant that a panic attack occurs all of a sudden, so that it cannot be foreseen in advance.

People who have experienced this are afraid of driving a car, of falling asleep alone in a room, of being alone at home.

2. Do not forget that a panic attack does not threaten your life

Panic attack is not a threat to your life. No one has died because of a panic attack. A panic attack is a call of your body that it needs help. It is a sign that too much stress has accumulated in your body, and that you need to do something immediately to help your body relax.

Your body simply cannot take it anymore. Somewhere in your life you went too far. Perhaps you work too hard and are completely exhausted, you may have exaggerated with substances and pushed your body across the edge...

You may have experienced the death of a loved one, and you could not process this death on the emotional level, perhaps you have suffered extremely in your childhood...

You need to know that a panic attack is not life threatening. You will not die, you will not go mad, you are not crazy and you do not have a heart attack.

But you have to do something to help your body and change a little the direction your life is going.

Although this is difficult to do, it is advisable that in the panic attack you are aware that this is only your excessive physical and emotional response. In reality, no real danger is threatening you - there is no bear in front of you which would want to tear you up, nor a soldier who would be about to shoot you.

All this is just your excessive physical and emotional response. Your brain is sending you the wrong signals that something is very dangerous.

So it is a game of your old experiences in which you have gone through a really powerful stress.

3. Learn an EFT technique

To get rid of panic attacks immediately learn an EFT technique - tapping on acupuncture points, because you will always be able to help yourself with it when the panic attacks you.

Scientists have discovered that by tapping we calm down exactly that part of the brain responsible for such a turbulent emotional response.

Tapping on acupuncture points is much, much more effective than any other activity you have tried so far.

Neither deep breathing nor reorientation of thoughts are strong enough in such difficult moments.

However, tapping is strong enough, so learn it at once and always help yourself with it.

4. To get rid of panic attacks eliminate the real cause of your panic attacks

Usually, panic attacks are due to your past experiences. Through those, your subconscious learned the world is dangerous, something unforeseen could happen.

Somewhere on your path of life a sense of jeopardy embedded in you.

If you want to cope with panic attacks forever, if you want panic attacks to become your past, your subconscious mind must be "reprogrammed" – must be thought not to trigger such a powerful emotional reaction in completely not dangerous situations.

People do need expert help if they want to permanently get rid of the panic attacks.

The cause of panic attacks needs to be found - whether it is the death of a close person, or a difficult childhood, or a longer period of severe psycho-physical exhaustion ... or anything else that caused a person a trauma or a severe psycho-physical imbalance.

5. Attend an EFT therapy to get rid of panic attacks for good

EFT technique can be used individually and it can always help. But if you want to get rid of panic attacks forever, you will definitely need the help of someone to guide you through the labyrinth of your emotional and mental responses.

EFT therapy is a process, usually lasting 3 months, in which the therapist first finds the causes of your panic attacks and removes them afterwards.

Panic attacks usually do not arise due to a single cause, but it is a conglomerate of many negative feelings in the body. During the process of EFT therapy, these events are slowly and gently detected and processed in such a way they no longer have a negative impact on the person.

Doing so, we reach deep into the subconscious, where we find painful memories and change them. It is impossible to "delete" memories, however we can erase negative feelings that are attached to them.

In this way, we relax the body step by step ... and panic attacks disappear for good as well as the "fear of fear", that is, the fear of a panic attack to return.

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Vlasta Kuster, holds an MA degree in Basic Medical Sciences and uses her 3-month EFT therapy in her work to help people to do away with panic attacks and anxiety for good. She has more than 10-year experiences in EFT therapy and achieves at least 90% success in permanently eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. You may contact her through her website