A Simple EFT Technique That Always Works

by Vlasta Kuster

With the help of even a simple EFT technique we can resolve old traumas and negative emotions on a highly effective level.

In this article I will explain how to use simple EFT techniques together with music.

So you can easily and very effectively achieve deep body relaxation.

EFT techniques is a simple technique that can be combined with music.

As human beings we intercept  a colossal  amount of information on a daily basis, and we experience and connect them through emotions.

The emotions can be quite positive and uplifting as well as negative and gloomy.

Music is direct ways that people express their emotions and feelings whether they are good or bad. Therefore it’s no coincidence that music triggers some kind of emotion and represents a way to connect and relate on a deeper level.

I would like to share a story how I started using music during EFT therapy:

One day a male businessman in his 30s came to therapy. He sought help, because of his anxiety in the chest.

While talking, we came across a few events that may potentially be the cause for his anxiety. One of those events was sailing accident in which he almost died.

I was sure of the fact that if we work through this specific event he would get better. Nevertheless on our next meeting he told me that the pain was still there and he did not get better.

We looked further, focusing to find that specific event that marked the pain in him ever since.

He mentioned his grandad that he loved dearly and on which he was strongly attached. We were tapping into the event of the death of his beloved grandfather. He experienced deep and strong grief.

During the tapping the feeling rang out.

On our next session he told me that his situation got a lot better, chest pain was not there anymore and that he felt relaxed and calm just as he had felt once before.

He said that while he was at home, we were tapping on the feelings of sadness and loss of his grandad.

During the tapping the song helped him a lot.

That certain song has helped him to reach in the depth of his feelings, to cry out all of the remaining sadness, feeling of abandonment  and loneliness.

Consequently his anxiety was gone the next day.

In the following days I’ve tried tapping with music myself and because of such a strong messages in the songs. I could easily introduce it in the future sessions. Since that day I always use it in therapies with people.

Music helps people to connect with their emotions. It can help them to go in to the depth of their emotions. With simultaneous use of tapping and music we can reach further in to the problem and that leads to deeper relief at the end.

It can be especially useful to connect tapping with music when we experience sadness.

When we combine these, music can guide the persons through personal feelings and help them to get rid of them.

Let’s focus on how YOU can use simple EFT techniques (music and tapping together)

The easiest way to do so is the following:

The first step in to sit or lie down in a comfortable position and relax.

Close your eyes and focus on what you’re feeling at the moment. Try to be in touch with yourself and your inner feelings.

Start tapping on the acupuncture points.

The so-called karate point that has to be tapped on: The advantage of this simple EFT technique accompanied with music is that you do not have to speak anything while tapping.
The picture shows 8 acupuncture points that you tap on in addition to the karate point.

Do not speak while tapping.

Start tapping in the beginning of a song and end when the song stops.

While lying in the comfortable position, you tap and relive your emotions and feelings. While doing so the music is playing.

Tap on each point few times, and then move to the next point.

You can focus on the negative feeling that you’re experiencing at the moment, that has happened throughout the day...

...as well as on painful events from the past that happens to be on your list of negative and traumatic experiences in which they need to be dealt with.

Tap as long as it is needs for the tension and negative feeling surrounding the painful event from the past to vanish.

That could either take few minus up to half an hour. Listen to your body and continue to tap for as long as it takes for you to become calm and optimistic again.

What type of Music Should be Played Along While Tapping During This Simple EFT Technique ?

Type of the music you chose for this simple EFT technique is entirely up to you...

...just choose emotional songs that will touch your heart.

The point of the music is to trigger some emotions in you, that you need them to be cleared of. Therefore meditation music may not be the best choice, unless you want to reach a calm state of mind and relaxation.

Usually a lot of popular songs include the emotional and personal part in it. The most popular artist posses the ability to touch out heart in a special way through the music which could help us opens up emotionally during tapping. 

I get asked a lot:
‘What words should I use and say during tapping?’
and my answer is simple.
‘’Use no words. Be quite, focus on what you’re feeling.’’

The whole point of tapping is not using the ton of ‘correct’ words but rather to get in touch with yourself...

... to feel and experience the anger, sadness, disappointment and numbness in you.

Tapping must not be an intellectual practice but rather a practice that sources from the heart.

Maybe that is the best reason to just be quite, with closed eyes, feeling your emotions and tap for as long as it takes for the intensity of it to drastically lower of disappear.  

Emotional music could have the ability to get in the depth of your soul and bring out the unknown emotions that you may not even know you kept them inside of you.

The point of  tapping is to encounter our deep emotions  and to acknowledge, recognize and resolve them through the process  no matter the time that it may take.

Simple EFT techniques help us relax and to make a step towards our emotional freedom. It helps us become the best version of ourselves, to shine in all our might, to become what we were created for, and then to leave behind all the emotional baggage we still carried.

Amazing things can happen if we just dare to take the next step forward.

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Vlasta Kuster, holds an MA degree in Basic Medical Sciences and uses her 3-month EFT therapy in her work to help people to do away with panic attacks and anxiety for good. She has more than 10-year experiences in EFT therapy and achieves at least 90% success in permanently eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. You may contact her through her website freeofpanic.com