Panic Disorder Therapy with EFT
Removes the Cause of Panic Attacks

by Vlasta Kuster

The panic disorder therapy has developed during a 10-year work with people who suffered from panic disorder and anxiety.

It is a 3-month treatment, during which period panic attacks completely vanish, and the fear of a re-attack disappears. The therapy consists of weekly meetings that take place either personally or via Skype.

Panic disorder is an unpleasant problem which makes people to suffer lot.

Panic attacks strongly affect people's everyday lives, so the great news is that there is help which is effective.

What is a panic disorder ?

In a panic disorder, there is an attack of intense fears that occur suddenly, unannounced, without an outside cause and without a real danger. Panic attacks can occur several times a month, a week or even several times a day. People with a panic disorder develop a strong fear of a re-attack.

Panic attacks are NOT directly linked to your current living situation only, but with all of your past

How the panic disorder therapy works ?

In order to comprehend how the panic disorder therapy works, we must first understand how panic attacks actually happen.

Let's first of all see what the panic attacks are NOT:

  • Panic attacks are not a sign that you are ill, crazy, or that you will lose your mind

  • Panic attacks do not threaten your life, even though you feel that way

  • Panic attacks are NOT directly linked to your current living situation only, but with all of your past

What the panic attacks ARE:

  • Panic attacks are a sign that there has been altogether to much stress over your entire life, as every stress you have experienced, from birth to - and perhaps even before birth - accumulates in your body.

  • Panic attacks are a sign that your body is energetically completely exhausted and that it needs urgent help.

  • Panic attacks are a sign that you need to introduce certain changes to your life (more rest, more balanced life, less perfectionism, change of the negative environment for a more positive one, etc.)

How does a panic disorder therapy take place?

  • First, we talk about how your panic attacks actually look like

  • We set the goal of a 3-month therapy

  • We find the key negative life-situations from the past that could potentially be the cause of panic attacks (death of a close person, business problems, difficult childhood, burnout at the workplace, illness of a close person, or other traumatic events)

  • We analyze your self-image to find those subconscious limiting beliefs that have brought you to your present state.

  • With the help of EFT therapy, we process every painful memory - one by one, to abolish negative feelings that are bound to a particular memory.

  • By means of EFT therapy, we change those limiting beliefs which have proven to be inadequate

  • We bring the person to inner peace

  • We lead the person to love oneself and to trust in life

  • We abolish the fear of a re-attack

  • We discuss the changes that should be introduced into the client’s life (rest, balanced and healthy lifestyle, work-related or partnership-related changes ...)

  • Through EFT therapy the self-esteem of a person is enhanced

The hypothesis on which the EFT method is based implies that negative emotions are actually imprinted in our body in the form of a disorder in our tender electric circuit.

By tapping on the acupuncture points, we can eliminate this disorder and in this way "delete" all those negative emotions from our body.

If we do this systematically, panic attacks disappear forever. It usually takes a few weeks or a few months for the attacks to completely disappear.

In a panic disorder you will probably not be able to help yourself alone, but you will need the help of someone else who will guide you safely through the maze of all your unpleasant feelings.

An experienced EFT consultant will help you to remove step by step all these accumulated bad feelings and to begin to live a peaceful and, in a way, a free life.

Vlasta Kuster, holds an MA degree in Basic Medical Sciences and uses her 3-month EFT therapy in her work to help people to do away with panic attacks and anxiety for good. She has more than 10-year experiences in EFT therapy and achieves at least 90% success in permanently eliminating anxiety and panic attacks. You may contact her through her website

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